Why do baby mice bite wood?

Mother mouse wants to go far away. She goes to find sister-in-law pig and asks sister-in-law pig to help take care of her baby mouse. Sister pig said, “OK, let baby mouse live in my house.”
Mother mouse left. Baby mouse had a good time with Xiaozhu and pig at sister-in-law pig’s house.
One day, the pig suddenly ran out of the room and looked very angry. Sister pig said, “what’s the matter? Child, did you quarrel?”

“Mom, baby mouse won’t listen to my table,” said the pig.
When sister-in-law pig came into the room, she saw baby mouse’s sharp mouth biting hard at the foot of the table. Wood ends were flying everywhere in the room.
“Shut up!” sister-in-law pig shouted angrily. The baby mouse was startled and began to cry.
With a sigh, sister-in-law pig cleaned the floor and asked the carpenter to repair the table.
On the fifth day, mother mouse came back. She came to pick up the baby and asked sister-in-law pig if baby mouse was good. The little pig said, “baby mouse broke my desk.”
Mother mouse said repeatedly, “it’s my fault. I was going to put a piece of wood in your house for baby mouse to bite, but I forgot. I’m really sorry.”
Sister pig doesn’t understand: “is baby mouse born to bite wood?” children, can you tell sister-in-law pig why?

Scientific truth: mouse teeth grow every day from birth to death. It must keep grinding its teeth, otherwise it will starve to death if its teeth grow too long to eat. Biting wood is one of the ways to grind your teeth.

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