Why do birds migrate?

Autumn is coming, the weather is getting colder and colder day by day, and the small animals in the forest begin to prepare winter food.

The little squirrel found many pinecones and hid them in the tree hole; The little bear was full and became much fatter. He also found a comfortable cave and was ready to move in to sleep after the snow; Frogs are also digging holes in the land by the pond to build a new house for themselves.
But the bird didn’t worry at all and didn’t prepare for anything. It still flew around happily singing songs every day.

The fawn kindly told the bird, “winter is coming, and it will be very cold. You should prepare winter clothes and food early, otherwise you will be hungry.”
The bird said with a smile, “because we birds are afraid of the cold, we go to the south for winter every winter. The winter there is lush and the sun is warm. We will fly back in spring.”
The deer asked curiously, “don’t you want to fly far?”
The bird said, “yes, every time we fly thousands of kilometers, we have to fly for several days.”
A few days later, the bird said goodbye to the children in the forest.
I’ll see you tomorrow spring.

Scientific truth: birds go to the south for winter every winter because they are afraid of the cold. The winter there is lush and the sun is warm. Wait until next spring, they will fly back.

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