Why can bats fly in the dark

When the bat flies, the ultrasonic wave emitted hits the obstacle and will immediately be reflected back to the bat, so the bat can well identify the direction.

Some kinds of bats are flying masters. They can turn around very quickly in narrow places. Bats are the only mammals that can flap their wings. Other flying mammals such as flying squirrels just slide in the air by wing shaped skin membranes! At night, bats rely on sound waves to find their way and prey. They emit sound waves that humans can’t hear. When the sound wave meets an object, it will return like an echo, so that the bat can tell whether the object is moving or stationary and how far away it is. Long eared bats prey on insects in flight. They can also catch insects from leaves. Its big ears enable it to receive echoes.

Bats use waves to judge whether there are obstacles ahead and change the flight path. Many people used to say that bats have poor eyesight, which is actually a big misunderstanding. Recently, many scientists have pointed out that the eyesight of bats is not poor. Different kinds of bats have different eyesight. Bats use ultrasound, which is not necessarily related to their eyesight.

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